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hunza weather

Hunza Weather

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Hunza Weather


Hunza is a beautiful hilly area situated in the Gilgit-Baltistan district of Pakistan with beautiful weather. This valley lies as much as 3’500 meters above the sea level. It is famous among the tourists, due to its several natural sights and is encircled by various peaks as high as 8’000 meters including Darmyani, Rakaposhi, Ghenta car, Ultar Sar, Ladyfinger Peak, and BojahagurDuanasir II.

It was believed to be an inspiration of the well-known fictional paradise Shangri-la. The people of Hunza are said to have a long and healthy life due to their proper diet, and pleasant environment.

The first inhabitants of Hunza were called Hunzakuts. Some long and beautiful glaciers of Pakistan are also found in Hunza. The valley has a near river from which small streams flow.

Right now this place is the most significant place of tourists and the pictures of the valley have become famous all around the world. It is called to the heaven of Pakistan.

Famous Forts of Hunza

Besides its scenic attraction, tourists love to visit this valley to catch a sight of its two famous forts known as Altit and Baltit Fort.

  • In northern areas, the most former fort is Altit Fort, which is located in Altit village. To a research, it was first named as Hanukushal.
  • Baltit Fort has situated nearby the town of Karimabad and is known to be a 700 year’s old fort. It was the only home to the royal rulers of Hunza; the Mirs. Many important meetings and festivals were held in the fort at that time.

Weather of Hunza

Over the last five decades, the weather pattern of the whole world has transformed. It affects humidity, precipitation patterns, and temperature trends. This effect differs from region to regions. In northern areas, the climate is usually dropping. It never reaches so the rain completely stops. Hunza weather fluctuates from heavy rainfall to snowfall and from a light rainfall to cool breezes. During the day, the temperature gets a little better but at night it usually increases.


Hunza weather changes gradually by the seasons I-e, in winter, its weather is freezing cold. The roads leading to the valley gets blocked due to heavy snowfall. There are snow and snow everywhere even the streams become glaciers.

The condition of the weather becomes much extreme so that wildlife cannot bear it sometimes. The animals that walk around the meadows of the valley become hide.

So, it is impossible to visit Hunza from November to February. Hunza is famous for its peaks, rugged and snowcapped in winter.

The tours of the valley become only possible during the summer. The roads get block by the snow and even the ways cannot be crossed easily.

The winter season is not good at all and it causes a severe problem for every person that survive there.


The best time to visit Hunza is from May to October. Hunza weather in summer is the best for tourists because the highways leading to this valley are unblocked. The climate of Hunza in summer is moderate. The weather of Central Hunza reaches to the maximum in summer but the temperature in other parts such as of upper Hunza remains low as well in summer.

Hunza is the favorite place for tourists. They mostly come around the world, especially in the summer season. They have great fun in the cool breezes of Hunza.

The famous restaurants of Hunza serve the delicious traditional and creative dishes of the area. The fish is much famous all around Pakistan.

Even the restaurants remain open during the summer season while in winters due to high snowfall the restaurants remain closed. As the people come very rare during the winters so we can say that the Hunza weather is much pleasant during the summers.


Pakistan has been blessed with eye-catching sites throughout the country and Hunza definitely is one of them. It is popular among the locals as well as foreigners due to its distinctive culture and scenic beauty. Considering the weather of Hunza, it is best to be visited in the mid-year because the climate at that time is moderate.

Satpara Lake

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Satpara Lake

Satpara lake comes under one of the most beautiful natural lakes of Pakistan. This lake covers an area of 26,36 meters which is usually 2.5 km. The Satpara lake exists near the Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan. The beauty of the lake cannot be denied and the lake is fed by the Satpara stream.

General Features about the Satpara Lake

  • The Satpara lake is one of the marvelous lakes of the Gilgit area. This lake is situated at the north of the Skardu at a height of about 2,635 meters. To reach the lake you have to do 20 minutes deep drive from Skardu.
  • The Satpara stream falls under the lake which gives an eye-catching view to the visitors. People love to go there. There are high icy mountains that surround the Satpara Lake.
  • People love to enjoy here in boating and fishing. You can hire the motorboat and can enjoy the rowboats at the lake. At the bottom of the Satpara lake, there exists a gold mine.
  • The people have made an artificial fairy take picture squad island which is the main point for taking the beautiful pictures. You’ll be astonished to see the breathtaking pictures of the lake. It seems like you’ve come in some heaven.
  • Skardu city comes under the famous northern area cities of Pakistan. For catching the fish at the lake you have to take fishing license there. This license is at the cost of $10 for one person.
  • The lake contains the crystal clear water that gives a calming view. When the sunlight falls on the water, it starts shinning and that’s why the people believe that there’s a gold mine.
  • In the center and the around the beautiful vegetation grows. The flowers grow here and bloom during the summer season.
  • People have made small shops near the Satpara Lake. These shops usually have handmade jewelry and cultural items. People love to do shopping at this point.

The weather of the Satpara Lake

Apart from the beauty one of the most significant things that play a very important role in driving the attention of the visitors is its weather. The weather of the lake remains cool and pleasant all the times.

The climate remains usually cloudy and the cool breeze flows all the time. There is 97% humidity in the weather in all the months of the year. When the visitors go there, they enjoy the natural beauty of the freshwater lake together with the cool air.

In the winter heavy snowfall occurs and this snow covers the mountains. The weather changes all the time as it most becomes snowy from the cloudy condition.

Most people love to come there in the summer season. As they enjoy the cool weather here which is much hot during the summers in Pakistan.

Satpara Dam

Near the Satpara lake, there exists a Satpara dam which adds in the beauty of the Lake. This dam is found at the downstream of the Satpara Lake. It is not all the water but basically, it has concrete faced earth in it.

This dam is the center for providing the hydroelectricity to the houses of the Skardu valley. Thus the Satpara lake has also responsible for giving the 17.36 MW of hydroelectricity. This electric power is enough for running the 30,000 houses at one time.

Benefits of the Satpara Lake

Apart from the visiting point, this lake is responsible for providing a huge number of benefits to the people. This lake is providing millions of gallons of fresh drinking water to the people of the Skardu valley.

People are using water for agricultural purpose. This agriculture is yielding a high amount of natural vegetables thus it is increasing the economy of the country.

The lake is benefiting the people with delicious and amazing superfoods. The Satpara dam has taken the responsibility of the electricity thus it has become a powerhouse.

Affordable places to stay near the Satpara Lake

The people have made a large number of affordable hotels and restaurants for visitors. The visitors can enjoy the trip to the lake in cheap packages. The common hotels are Hotel one Skardu, Shangrila Resort Skardu, Mountain Lodge hotel, Hotel Dewane Khas Skardu and Skardu villas.

Shigar Fort tourguru

Shigar Fort

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Shigar Fort

Shigar Fort is one of the oldest buildings of the Baltistan, Pakistan. This fort was constructed in the late 17th century by the Raja of Amacha Dynasty of Shigar. The Shigar fort has been reconstructed into a new style. The fort gives the high representation of the cultural, social and economic values of the country.

The old building has been changed into a new traditional style building. These constructions represent the new styles together with unique stonework. The fort has basically converted into a Palace and the museum. Together with them, the architectures have designed beautiful and luxury residential hotels for the visitors.

Construction of The Shigar Fort

The Aga Khan Trust Development Network has worked on the construction of the new building of the Shigar Fort. This project was started in 2005. The Aga Khan Trust development has worked for the Baltit Fort and the historic village of Karimabad.

They kept a Strong eye on providing the traditional values to the buildings. These projects were a part of the Hunza valley and they gave a pioneering approach to the adaptive reuse.

Although the new construction seems much expensive as it consists of unique stones and architectural designs. The fort has been converted into a small palace together with the residential guest rooms.

They are the cultural monuments that represent the ancient values of every area. The fort meets the international standards of heritage, architecture and the uniqueness.

The construction gives a better improvement for the cultural, economic and social developments. There’re almost 20,000 visitors in which most of them are foreigners. They love to watch the traditional skills that have been used in these buildings. The Aga Khan Trust has used the historic structures for these buildings.

They have received a number of awards for their extraordinary working i.e. UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Conversation Awards and the British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Global Awards.

They gave high value on the restoration of mosques and sanitation services to the village. They have kept care for the garbage system so that the dispose of could be done safely. The Shigar fort has become a traditional pride of the heritage.

Physical Features of Shigar Fort

The Shigar fort is very unique and beautiful building that has reconstructed by the Aga Khan Trust Development. They’ve worked on a number of projects like Baltit Fort, Karimabad village and many other northern areas constructions.

The Shigar fort is nearly 5m above the ground level and it consists of gigantic cone-shaped rocks. It has one structure that consists of separate buildings. These buildings have been constructed by using the stones of different traditions. Thus these buildings give the representation of different times through their engineering and workmanship. The structures have given the modules like module I, II and III. These modules were a part of old construction that has done by the Amacha Dynasty. They’d built during different times.

The entire structure consists of royal rooms, entrance hall, grand audience hall, retiring rooms for the ruler and the kitchen. The rooms were basically the residential rooms of the royal families.

The lower floor comprises of a horse stable, cattle pen and the storage for animal feed. However, the upper floor was the residential accommodation of Raja of the Amacha Dynasty.

Amacha Garden and The Beautiful Mosque

In the Shigar fort, there is a beautiful Amacha garden and the mosque. The garden is full of grand parks in which hundreds of flowers bloom. The garden gives charm to the visitors and they love to take the photoshoot at this place.

At the center of the Amacha garden, there’s a decorative square pool. Raja Adam Khan built a pavilion on the central platform of the square pool of garden. There are marble bases in the fort that are either free standings and the attached columns.

The Shigar fort and the palace represent the Kashmir buildings that have been constructed by the Mughal empires. These buildings give a high approach and artistic quality.

Near to the Shigar fort buildings, there’s a beautiful mosque that has been constructed by Raja. This mosque consists of all halls. In the mosque, there’s a single four-bayed room with central column support and veranda.

The visitors love to pray here and they get highly impressed by the antiquity of the buildings.


nanga parbat pakistan

Nanga Parbat Pakistan

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Nanga Parbat Pakistan

Nanga Parbat is the ninth highest mountain in the world that exists in the Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan. The height of the mountain is about 8,126 meters above sea level.


The extremely high mountain has always remained a good point for mountaineering. In the 18th century, many philosophers of the Alps and Europe did research and tried to discover the high peaks of the Nanga Parbat.

However, the first person who discovered the Nanga Parbat mountain was Albert F.Mummery. He was a British climber who discovered the mountain in about 1895. But due to harsh cold weather and unlimited snowfall, the British climber couldn’t be able to suffer and he died during this attempt.

The person who came alive during the discovery of the Nanga Parbat mountain was Hermann Buhl. He was an Australian climber who was the one after the thirty climbers to reach the top of the mountain. The mountain has commonly called as the diameter and it was finally discovered in 1953.


Physical Features of the Nanga Parbat Pakistan

Nanga Parbat comes under the top twenty highest mountains of the world and basically, it’s a part of the Himalayan mountains. It has nearly three faces which are known as Diamir, Rakhiot, and Rupal. The Zoji La of the Kashmir connects this mountain to the Himalayan Karakoram range.

The longest ridge of the Nanga Parbat is the southwestern and the northeastern range. During the summer season, cool breezes flow out however the winter season is much tough. During the winters, heavy snowfall causes many difficulties for the climbers to survive there.

The southeastern portion is of Mazeno wall, the northeastern part is of Rakhiot peak and the south-east is of Rupal face. The longest ridge out of the three faces is about 7,070 meter or 23,200 ft. However, there are many subsidiary summits and the peaks that join the Indus valley, lake, and villages. A glacial lake of name Latbo occurs at the Rupal face.

Early Attempts of Climbing the Nanga Parbat Pakistan

Europeans mainly did the early attempts to discover the high peaks of the Nanga Parbat. Albert F. Mummery made the first attempt to cover the 61,00 meter of this mountain. In 1930 and 1931 the Germans made an attempt to reach the Kanchenjunga and the peaks of Mount Everest. In 1932, German climber Wily Merky and American climber Fritz Wiessner made strong attempts to reach the peaks of Nanga Parbat.

Because of poor planning, they remained unsuccessful. Peter Aschenbrenner and Herbert Kungik made the route for Rakhiot face of this mountain. Many German mountaineers and the teams of the tried to discover the whole mountain but reached only to faces. The heavy rainfall and the bad weather became a major reason for the deaths of the climbers in early attempts.

Nellum Valley

Neelum Valley

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Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of Pakistan northern areas. It located in Azad Kashmir region. The headquarter of Neelum district is Athmuqam. The main thing that increases the importance of this valley is the river Neelum, their water is blue and explores the beauty of that valley. Neelum river originates from the lake Krishna in the Indian occupied Kashmir. Before partition is called Krishan Ganga river.

Tourist Attraction

In the generally whole valley is full of beautiful scenery but some places are looking like heaven on earth. i.e Athmuqam, Kel & Sharda.

  1. Athmuqam
    The beauty of this valley is very unique in its nature. It is the headquarter if Neelam district and along with the line of control. Its named Athmuqam is because of its the eighth station from Muzaffarabad to the upper valley.
  2. Kel
    This valley also has its own importance. One fact is that there is long jeep track goes towards the mountain Nanga Parbat. A huge number of people tourist go there in the full moonlight to see the reflection of moonlight on the surface of Nanga Parbat that make a real nature attraction.
  3. Sharda
    Is a place where lush green plains are located, and flowing rivers that can freeze in the cold season also it is a historical place for the historian it has some ancient places in which most important is the University of Sharda which shows the education culture of China, Indo-Pak, and central Asian countries.

Sub Valleys

Three sub-valleys also getting more important to the Neelum Valley they increase the value of valley in the sense of tourist attraction. Their names are Jagran Valley, Baboon Valley, and Shounter Valley.


The native language of Neelum Valley is Hindko. But most of the people also speaking Kashmiri and Pahari. People who lived in city area also well-known to Urdu and English.

Special Dishes of this Valley

People of this Valley is about crazy to love eating rice they don’t consider lunch without eating rice. Gushtaba is also a famous dish of this valley and the in the fish fashion there is a special type of fish named troat.

Culture and Religion

The people of this valley are Muslims and there are many madrasas are located that forward the spirit of Islam. Their culture is also Islamic culture, female wear shalwar Kameez with Dupatta and most of the woman taking the veil. Even that you don’t see a single woman in jeans or skin fit trouser.

Skardu Pakistan

Skardu Pakistan

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Skardu Pakistan

Skardu is a city in the Gilgit Baltistan the region of Pakistan. In the advanced north of Pakistan, Skardu is the inside valley of Gilgit Baltistan. Skardu city serves as the capital of Skardu district. The Skardu district is part of Gilgit and constitutes one of the ten districts of Gilgit. Skardu Shangrila Resort is an epitome of natural beauty and serenity.

Shangrila Lake

Shangrila lake is further known as lower Kachura lake. It is located in Kachura village 20minutes from Skardu city of Pakistan. Its name is coz of Shangrila resort which is built in 1983. Skardu is located in the 10 kilometers wide by 40 kilometers long Skardu valley at the confluence of the Indus and Shigar rivers at an elevation of nearly 2500 meters.

What is Skardu famous for?

Skardu Baltistan lies in the heart of worlds mightiest mountain ranges the great Himalaya and the Karakoram in Pakistan. Skardu is famous for many mountains and the number of climbers and hikers that are drawn here year after year. Here’s Mountain climbing and trekking is much more famous.

Shigar Fort

Shigar Fort is a 400years old fort nearby the town or Shigar in Skardu Pakistan. It is located on the route to the worlds second highest mountain k-2. Shigar complex is also comprised of an old house and the garden house. It is also known as Fong-Khar which means” palace on rocks” in the local language.

Kachura lakes:

There are two Kachura lakes;
1. Upper Kachura Lake “Upper Kachura lake is less well known.”
2. Lower Kachura Lake

Lower Kachura lake is a more famous lake in Skardu Pakistan. It is also known as Shangrila lake. Shangrila Lake is home to the Shangrila hotel complex. It is built in the Chinese style and it is another popular destination for tourist in Azad Kashmir. Kachura lakes famous coz of its blue colored water.

Satpara Lake:

Skardu valleys main and famous lake is Satpara lake in Pakistan. The federal government decided to start building a dam on Satpara lake in 2002. In 2011 the dam was completed and four powerhouse units are operàtional. Satpara Lake is 6 miles from Skardu. Satpara Lake is one of the longest freshwater lakes in the country according to trout fishing and row cruising. This lake is the cause of Skardu’s drinking water.

Manthoka waterfall:

Manthoka waterfall is a stunning waterfall located in the extreme north of Pakistan. This waterfall is positioned in Kharmang valley Skardu Gilgit Baltistan. Manthoka waterfall is best for fishing and camping. In winters Manthoka waterfall often froze and looks like a glacier. Such a frozen waterfall is rare to be seen in all over the world.

Khaplu Valley

Khaplu Valley

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Khaplu Valley

The central location in the district of Skardu is Khaplu Valley. It is beautiful land space with its high summits, flowing blue waters and waterfalls.
It is so beautiful Land space of Gilgit Baltistan. When you are leaving Skardu, a narrow paved road on both sides with poplar trees looks captivating and provides a soothing shade for travelers through small specks of sunlight filtering through leaves. Specks of sunlight brighten the darkened road leaving an aesthete spellbound.

In autumn yellow leaves of poplar trees envelop the concrete dark black road with its yellow fallen leaves. River Indus flowing slowly quietly on the left side of the road at a little distance. If moving ahead this road turns to a beautiful valley that is Shigar valley. Shigar is the land where Braldu river originating from Baltoro glacier merges its blue -ice-cold water with the bright turquoise water of the river Indus and fills the valley with abstract color. summits, specks of sunlight filtering through leaves.

Nature of people:

The people of this small settlement(Khaplu) on the bank of river Shyok are warm, loving and caring.
When travelers came to visit here Khaplu people approach them firstly and serve them how they can. They are serving tourists from centuries.

The beauty of Khaplu Valley from a height:

When you are on the height you can see the scene just like an artist’s abstract stroke that are filling the canvas with green, blue and brown colors. There are orchards on the right side of Khaplu and forests on the left side.

Weather of Khaplu:

In the northern areas of Pakistan, Khaplu Valley is the coldest place on the earth. In winters the temperature here can drop down to 20 celsius with the region often referred to as the third pole. When Sky filled with colors and night falls quicker in the mountains than in cities its an awesome scene.

Yaks, milk, lassi, trout fish and boiled potatoes, Khaplu bazar Khapku fort old mosque the central location in the district is Khaplu. It is beautiful land space with its high summits, flowing blue waters and waterfalls.

Chilas Beautiful place

Chilas Beautiful Place of Pakistan

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Chilas Beautiful Place of Gilgit Baltistan

It is a small town located along the famous Karakoram highway in the Gilgit Baltistan district of Pakistan on the river is located at the height of 3000 feet above sea level at the base of Nanga Parbat which stands as a wall against the storm winds for Chilas. That’s way Chilas weather is dry. Chilas is the beautiful place of Skardu Valley & also a part of the silk road connected by national highway and N-90 national highway which links it to Islamabad and Peshawar in the southwest, via Hazara road and Malakand divisions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In the north Chilas is connected to the Chinese cities of Tashkurgan and Kashgar in Xinjiang via Gilgit Aliabad Sust and the Khunjrab pass. The powerful river Indus crosses into Chilas. Once the Diamer Bhasha dam will be built as the government planned this city might not remain anymore as this area will be flooded with dam water.

Security of Chilas:

Chilas is the headquarter of district Diamer. Passengers can be reached through Karakoram highway and also from the Kaghan Valley passing over the Babusar pass. Chilas the beauties city is situated on the left side of the mighty river Indus. So that its security is high.
Nobody can enter in Chilas without permission of government especially foreigners must have entrance permission. After permission, they can travel to Chilas everywhere. If they don’t have permission they cannot be entered.

Rock drawing:

Chilas is beautiful & famous place coz of its rock drawing. There are more than 20,000 pieces of rock drawing and petroglyphs all along the Karakoram highway in northern areas of Pakistan. The carvings were left by various intruders, businesspeople, and travelers who passed along the business route. These carvings displaying single animals, three-sided men and hunting views in which the animals are larger than the hunters. These carvings were tapped into the rock with stone tools and are capped with a thick patina that determines their age.

Chilas to Gilgit:

The Journey of Chilas to Gilgit is a very scenic and fascinating drive on Karakoram highway the road is very picturesque and has a lot of offers to enjoy the beauty.

Chilas weather:

If we imagine that Chilas weather will be cold and enjoyable coz it includes in northern areas, then it could be wrong. Because Chilas weather is not so good and captivating especially in summer. The weather is dry and rough very hot in summer 52-degree centigrade.
While In winter its too cold and dry. Very cold with chill winds -10-degree centigrade.

Education system:

Chilas people are not illiterate they have the chance to move ahead. The government of Gilgit-Baltistan doing their best for the education system of this beauty. Recently for Further education of Chilas students Karakoram international university has opened its sub-campus in Chilas. It is open to educate them so they cannot be a step away from other Pakistan.


If we talk about language, most languages that are spoken in Gilgit Baltistan and also spoken in Chilas Burushaski, Khowar, Balti and Wakhi. But the original language of Chilas people is Shina. The Urdu language is also used in Chilas.

hunza valley

Hunza Valley

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Hunza Valley

At the end of September 1974, Hunza valley became Pakistan’s part. Hunza is a Pakistani princely state ever since the independence of the modern day Gilgit- Baltistan. However, the formal accession with Pakistan was made after the death of the last Mir of Hunza who was the mir Muhammad Jamal Khan on 25 September 1974.

Hunza’s people look like British people. Their resembles is coz of that when the British left their injured soldiers in Hunza and gone they also left some beauty. So that Hunza,s people have resemblances.

Pakistan’s Beauty “Hunza Valley”

Pakistan is a beautiful country and full of Allah’s blessings. Pakistan’s some mountainous areas are so beautiful just like heaven on earth. It has much more beautiful but Hunza Valley is one of the most beautiful and healthful places. Pakistan’s region Gilgit Baltistan is a region where Hunza Valley is located. It’s a beautiful mountainous valley. Hunza Valley situated in the extreme northern part of Pakistan, it’s bordering with the Wakhan corridor of Afghanistan and also bordering with China’s region Xinjiang region.

Hunza’s people also known as the Burusho people. They live in Nagar,  Hunza, Chitral, and Gilgit Baltistan and also in Pakistan’s some northern areas, for example in Kashmir and India.

Hunza’s Life Expectancy

Their life expectancy is much more than Pakistan’s average age. They can live 120-140 years while on the other hand, Pakistani’s average age expectancy is 67-70 years almost. If a Hunza person is 100 years old, it doesn’t mean he is getting elder. Hunza people live their lives for a long time coz of their diet and environment.

Hunza’s Diet

The Hunza people in the hills of Pakistan until lunchtime don’t eat anything. They eat apricot, nuts, and dry fruits. Once a day they cooked only one dish that may be “dhal” with whole meal chappati’s.

Hunza Water

Hunza water is an example of perfect natural water. People of Hunza drink pure Hunza water. Pure water od Hunza is so pure that Hunza people cannot carry dental caries, bone decay, no cancer or degenerative changes throughout their life.

Top Viewpoints in Hunza Valley

Altit Fort

It is an ancient fort and nowadays serving as a museum. This fort is a masterpiece of architect and craft.

Altit Fort
Altit Fort

Baltit Fort

Its another fort of Hunza valley. Above Karimabad the fairy tale like a castle of Baltit stilted on massive legs, its wooden bay windows look out over the valley. Baltit Fort is famous coz of that it was mirs residence.

Baltit Fort
Baltit Fort

Attabad Lake

This lake is famous coz of its attractive crystal turquoise water. the colors and charms of spring season are awe-inspiring.coz of its tremendous beauty it is ranked in the top lakes of Pakistan.

attabad lake
Attabad Lake


Gulmit is a nine colored valley of upper Hunza. Panoramic views of high peaks of this valley are so captivating. Gulmit valley is a gateway of five beautiful valleys.



Karimabad is the capital of Hunza. Its famous coz of its historical houses of royal families.


Khunjerab pass

Khunjrab pass is a high mountain pass in the Karakoram mountain range. Khunjrab pass is also called the Pak-China border. Its a magnificent symbol of Pak-China friendship.

Khunjerab pass
Khunjerab pass


The immense mountain of Rakaposhi can be seen anywhere, no matter where are you staying in Hunza valley. Rakaposhi means ” the shining wall”.


Hunza Weather

The climate of Hunza remains cold here’s no rainfall all over the year. In July August temperature reaches a maximum of 31C in central Hunza. if you are facing high temperature you must spend your most time in upper Hunza Gojal valley because it remains much cooler even in summers.

Passu cones

Passu is a small village located in Gilgit Baltistan region of northern Pakistan. Situated along with the Karakoram highway in upper Hunza. Passu is famous coz of its golden peaks in the form of the pyramidical shape known as Passu cones or Passu cathedral. The cathedral range is also known as the Passu cones. Passu cones are one of the most striking landmarks of Karakoram.

Popularity of Passu

Passu is popular tourist destination coz of its easily accessible sweeping land spaces and vistas of the 7478m tall Passu Sar mountain, the Passu glacier, Passu cones. Passu cones also known as the cathedral ridge as viewed from the Karakoram highway in Passu.

tour packages in pakistan

Holiday Tour Packages

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Holiday Tour Packages

Holiday tour packages are organized by a tour operator and sold to a consumer by his agent. Traveling agents that are sold packages to employees of tour operators or may be independent.


History of Tour Packages

Tour packages started from 1841 by “Thomas Cook” who chartered a train to take a group of temperance campaigners. After the Second World War, Thomas Cook and his Son began promoting foreign holidays, particularly in Italy, Spain, and Switzerland in the 1950s. In 1972 because of company decline and poor decisions they lose their company and sold it to anyone else. By the late 1960’s cheap holiday packages, which combined flights, accommodation and transfers, provided a chance for the very first time to people in the “United Kingdom” to have affordable travel abroad. In 2005 travel packages take a downturn. In 2009 trend to holiday package of booking comeback, as the hidden costs by companies that “no frills” flights increased. Consumer groups increase day by day and still enjoying tour packages or holiday packages.


Many People prefer tour packages or holiday packages because they wanna to enjoy in the group as a treat. The five most common things on which travelers are willing to spend more on; sightseeing, special dining experiences, accommodations, activities, and shopping.


Pakistan Tourist Place

There are some Pakistani companies who offer travelers tour packages across Pakistan.

For example, Tour Guru offering many different types of packages such as

Northern Area tours: Pakistan is multi-seasonal country and its northern areas are called heaven on earth. People who love natural beauty often make a plan to visit these areas. Famous destination include,

  • Naran
  • Kaghan
  • Shogran
  • Hunza Valley
  • Skardu Valley
  • Swat valley

Adventure Tours

Our emotionally excited younger who likes adventures in life use this famous type of travel. But the company make sure that the people who want adventurous holiday packages are fit for adventure. And they want to really enjoy adventure…

  • Trekking tours
  • City Regional tours
  • Group tours

Make sure that they all have essential things with them. There are some examples of adventurous tours and these are,

Mountain and Rock climbing

  • Paragliding
  • Rafting
  • Skiing
  • Archery

Trekking Tours

Pakistan is enriched with the vast mountain ranges. Trekking lovers come from all over the world and trekking tour packages are specially designed keeping in mind about the health and safety of the people. This mountain range includes…

  • K2 base camp
  • Mazino pass
  • Rakaposhi base camp
  • Nanga Parbat base camp.

Regional Tours

City or regional tours are not so typically long. In this type of tour, people visit some specific area for some reasons, which may be historical, cultural and religious background, some refreshment or lunch is also a part of this type of tour package.


Group Tour Packages

Group tour packages are a form of a group of people. In this type of tour, they need a certain number of travelers to go ahead if they fail to get a group of people then it not possible as tour price gets too high.

Pakistan is a beautiful country so plan your travel and tours to maximize your pleasure in life. So hurry up and do something for exploring Pakistan’s natural beauty.

In this article, I will explain to you about holidays travel packages.

Firstly, we have to know what is holidays travel packages?


A package vacation, package tour or package holiday comprises transport and accommodation advertised and sold together by a vendor which is known as a tour operator. Other services that may be provided such as a rental car, activities, and outings during the holidays. Package holidays are a form of product bundling.