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kachura lake

Kachura Lake

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Kachura Lake

Kachura lake exists in the northern areas of Pakistan. The main location of Kachura lake is Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan. Basically, there’re two parts of Kachura lake. These parts are known as Upper Kachura and Lower Kachura. The height of the lakes is 2500 meter which means about 8200 ft.

There’s a famous resort near to the lower Kachura lake by the name of Shangrila Resort. The Kachura lake lies between the Karakoram mountain ranges of the western Himalayas. The lake lies near to the Greater Kashmir region and the Indus valley.

This is a beautiful lake that contains fresh water. People love to come to this place, especially during the summer season. The weather remains pleasant throughout the year as the cool breeze blows during the summer season. In winters the lake gets frozen and becomes a clear glacier.

Upper Kachura Lake

This lake is about 30 minutes drive from the Skardu city. The distance of the Upper Kachura lake from Skardu is about 27.7 km. The beauty of the lake can’t be described in words. There’re huge trees around the lake which provide an excellent green environment.

Everyone feels delighted in visiting this place. You can easily reach here on your cars. When the lake water flows between the high mountains and the trees move by air, the scene becomes calm.

It’s the breathtaking view that catches the attraction of viewers at first sight. In summers, the temperature of Upper Kachura is about 15°C while in winters it’s freezing cold.

The area of the lake has enriched with varieties of flora. The wild apricots are found in large number in this area. There’re big orchards of apricots and it’s a great point for photography.

Lower Kachura Lake

The lower Kachura lake is also known as the Shangrila lake. The distance of this lake from the Skardu city is about 25,00 meter which is hardly 20 minutes drive. There’s a beautiful resort on the bank of the lake by the name of Shangrila Resort.

This resort was established in 1983 by late Muhammad Aslam Khan Afridi. He was the first commander of the Northern Scouts of Pakistani Army. Basically, this resort was built on the place where the plan was crashed.

The name of the Lower Kachura lake comes in the book of James Hilton by the name of Shangrila. The name of the book was Lost Horizon. He named it Shangri-La that means heaven on earth.

This lake has gained popularity all around the world. The picture of the lake has won awards in the International contests. In 2015, it won the grand winner of Wiki Loves earth that was held worldwide.

The resort is the best place for the stay of the visitors. The resort has beautiful rooms with attached bathrooms. The management serves the people with all the essential facilities of life.

The resort consists of 70 mesmerizing cottages that add in the beauty of the Lower Kachura Lake. There’s a large number of local and international tourists who come to see the lakes and stay in the resort. There are many chefs that have come from other countries. They serve the visitors with a delicious variety of Italian, continental and Chinese foods.

Famous Restaurants near the Kachura Lake

After watching the breathtaking views at the lakes you can enjoy the foods of e restaurants that have built in this area. The famous names are Pagoda restaurant, Tandoori village, Lake view restaurant and DC-3 Coffee Shop.

These restaurants serve the most delicious foods that can’t be found in any other city of Pakistan. They offer Chinese cuisine, continental cuisines, Pakistani cuisines, coffee, and traditional fish items.

Stak Valley

The Stak valley located near to the Kachura lake. This valley is on the high altitude from other places of ground. It is commonly called as the Broq of Stak Nala. This magnificent place adds more beauty to the lake.

This high altitude waterfall provides an eye-catching view together with the lush green trees. There’re small villages that lie near to the Kachura lake.

Purpose of Recreation

Tourists who come to see the beauty of the Kachura lake find different points of recreation and entertainment. These points are fishing, camping, boating, etc. Big fish farm owners catch a huge amount of fish from the lakes. Trout fish is one of the famous fish of Kachura lake.