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Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake

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Attabad Lake

Attabad lake is one of the beautiful lakes of Pakistan that is situated in Gujal valley, Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan. This lake was established in 2010 when the landslide happened at Attabad valley.

This lake has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Pakistan. The lake has fresh clean water that gives a breathtaking view. The landslide that became the reason of formation of Attabad lake occurred 14 kilometers upstream of Karimabad.

This was huge destruction as it killed about 20 people that were the residents of Karimabad. This landslide blocked the passage of Hunza River for about 5 months. It caused many problems for the people who migrated from the villages. Firstly, 6000 people migrated later on 25,000 people migrated towards the Karakoram Highway.

The Lake occupied 21 kilometers long area and spread over 100 meters in depth. It disturbed the dams and made them flooding. The lower Shishkat and Gulmit flooded about half.

The blockage to the Karakoram Highway caused much disturbance for the residents who have to face the shortage of food for several months. The water level continued to rise as a result of outflow and inflow of the newly formed Attabad lake.

Interesting Things About Attabad Lake

  • The Helicopter was used to supply food, water, and other household items to the residents. Nearly 5 villages flooded and their water adds in to form the lake. The Hunza valley and Gojal valley were greatly affected by these circumstances.
  • However, the disaster of the landslide left a beautiful memory for the tourists in the form of Attabad lake.           This is a very beautiful lake that contains green vegetation around it. The views of the lake provide much pleasure and charm to the viewers. They love to enjoy the fragrance of flowers and moist mud that has spread all around.
  • Now the lake has become one of the famous tourist’s destinations who come to visit the northern areas of Pakistan.
  • The pictures of the lake have been taken by NASA and no doubt everyone loves to do photography at this place. The visitors who come to visit Gilgit always visit the lake.
  • There’re beautiful routes of Karakoram Highway that come in the way of Attabad lake to Islamabad Airport. However, the distance of Islamabad from the lake can be completed in 12 hours.
  • Mansehra, Naran, Jalkhad and Chilas Road are the famous places that come in the route of the airport to Attabad lake. The weather of the lake remains calm most of the times. During the day, Sun shines at its full but the cloud comes soon.
  • Mostly there is a thunderstorm on the lake in the summer season. In the winters, the lake becomes chilly frozen. China has constructed Attabad tunnel over the lake.

Attabad Lake Hotel

There are many hotels that have built near to the Attabad lake. These hotels provide an excellent stay to the visitors. They love to stay here. These hotels ensure the best quality service to the guests and serve them with delicious foods.

There’re kitchen and café inside the hotels that provide the traditional dishes. These dishes attract visitors and they feel cool after trying a unique taste.

The closest hotels to Attabad lake are Hunza Serena Inn, Eagle’s Nest Hotel, Hunza Embassy Hotel, and Hunza Darbar Hotel.

Attabad Lake in Winter

Winters are the cold season so everyone will want to know that what’s the condition of the weather of Attabad lake in winter. The temperature of the lakes goes much down that it becomes frozen. Even you can walk on the frozen lake.

The frozen lake represents a clear glacier in which you can see your own reflection. The blue frozen lake gives the views of heaven in winters. But due to the extremely cold season, people only love to go there in summers.

It is very rare in winters that people visit Attabad lake. Due to extreme weather conditions, the close habitats near the lake also remain in houses.

Attabad Lake Will Disappear

Some people believe that Attabad lake will disappear soon because it has become from disaster and it’s not a natural lake. Seriously speaking, they’re not any right clues of the disappearance of the lake right now.

As the lake has formed from massive destruction and there’re almost 5 rivers that contribute to the lake so the chances are rare. The lake has become much strong due to the support of flooded water. It seems that this take will remain.

Great Place to Visit

There’re many things that can be enjoyed at the lake. You can enjoy boating, fishing, jet-skiing, and other recreational activities at the lake. The amazing views of the lake freshen your mind. You must visit this place.