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Chilas Beautiful Place of Pakistan

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Chilas Beautiful Place of Gilgit Baltistan

It is a small town located along the famous Karakoram highway in the Gilgit Baltistan district of Pakistan on the river is located at the height of 3000 feet above sea level at the base of Nanga Parbat which stands as a wall against the storm winds for Chilas. That’s way Chilas weather is dry. Chilas is the beautiful place of Skardu Valley & also a part of the silk road connected by national highway and N-90 national highway which links it to Islamabad and Peshawar in the southwest, via Hazara road and Malakand divisions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In the north Chilas is connected to the Chinese cities of Tashkurgan and Kashgar in Xinjiang via Gilgit Aliabad Sust and the Khunjrab pass. The powerful river Indus crosses into Chilas. Once the Diamer Bhasha dam will be built as the government planned this city might not remain anymore as this area will be flooded with dam water.

Security of Chilas:

Chilas is the headquarter of district Diamer. Passengers can be reached through Karakoram highway and also from the Kaghan Valley passing over the Babusar pass. Chilas the beauties city is situated on the left side of the mighty river Indus. So that its security is high.
Nobody can enter in Chilas without permission of government especially foreigners must have entrance permission. After permission, they can travel to Chilas everywhere. If they don’t have permission they cannot be entered.

Rock drawing:

Chilas is beautiful & famous place coz of its rock drawing. There are more than 20,000 pieces of rock drawing and petroglyphs all along the Karakoram highway in northern areas of Pakistan. The carvings were left by various intruders, businesspeople, and travelers who passed along the business route. These carvings displaying single animals, three-sided men and hunting views in which the animals are larger than the hunters. These carvings were tapped into the rock with stone tools and are capped with a thick patina that determines their age.

Chilas to Gilgit:

The Journey of Chilas to Gilgit is a very scenic and fascinating drive on Karakoram highway the road is very picturesque and has a lot of offers to enjoy the beauty.

Chilas weather:

If we imagine that Chilas weather will be cold and enjoyable coz it includes in northern areas, then it could be wrong. Because Chilas weather is not so good and captivating especially in summer. The weather is dry and rough very hot in summer 52-degree centigrade.
While In winter its too cold and dry. Very cold with chill winds -10-degree centigrade.

Education system:

Chilas people are not illiterate they have the chance to move ahead. The government of Gilgit-Baltistan doing their best for the education system of this beauty. Recently for Further education of Chilas students Karakoram international university has opened its sub-campus in Chilas. It is open to educate them so they cannot be a step away from other Pakistan.


If we talk about language, most languages that are spoken in Gilgit Baltistan and also spoken in Chilas Burushaski, Khowar, Balti and Wakhi. But the original language of Chilas people is Shina. The Urdu language is also used in Chilas.

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